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The Remaining Factors: Seeking Eternal Treasures (Paperback) ~ D... Cover Art

           Jesus told a parable about the word of God being sown into the hearts of men and He used the image of a farmer sowing seeds in different types of soil. One of the types of soil was that of thorny ground. He said that the cares of this world, the allure of wealth, and the desire for other things chokes the word out, leaving the heart fruitless.  I have spent many years fruitless because my heart was weighed down by this world.  I believe the remaining factors of faith, hope, and love will cure the heart in this condition.  

            The book begins with an introduction which gives the reader a brief testimonial and explanation as to the reason and purpose of this book.  Jesus is coming again, as a thief in the night and in the power and glory of the Father.  The church is not ignorant of this fact.  Nevertheless, much of the church lives life everyday and never gives thought to the constant fact. 

            Be certain of this fact, judgment must fall and everything that is of this Earth will be destroyed including spiritual gifts.  God has equipped every true believer with three gifts which will abide.  I have named these gifts, The Remaining Factors.  Since believers possess these reflections of eternity, they should be all the more eager to show these three reflections to whoever they want to see in eternity, that in someway they might impart eternity into those hearts they treasure the most.  By doing so, they are storing up treasures in heaven. 



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